I would prefer to have the option to modify my game character's face and body settings at any time AFTER they were already set in the beginning of the game. Sadly, game developers think (or they don't think at all about this) that we, the gamers, don't need such a valuable (for some people) option. » 10/30/14 9:23am Yesterday 9:23am

All of the four "Halo" games are less than 4-5 GB each, so this is no more than 20 GB total (and I count the "Halo: Combat evolved Anniversary" included). With all the multi-player maps from the DLC's, the total amount is merely 25 GB. The Blu-ray can hold more than 45 GB of content (which is a good 20 GB extra on… » 10/19/14 9:22am 10/19/14 9:22am

To tell it with normal words. Someone drove a Porsche 918 and suddenly one of the rear A-arms or rod ends or ball-bearings broke and the car went into a crash. Not too long ago the same happened to a LaFerrari test car, due to improper engineering and/or improper usage of material "(also a consequence of the former).… » 9/11/14 11:16am 9/11/14 11:16am

It's not a bug. Being able to go go through the rocks is actually the only way you can get the secret skull (in "Halo: Combat evolved Anniversary") that's hidden in the control room located below the round arena where you meet the Hunters for the first time. In order to reach the secret skull, you either (1) do… » 9/06/14 2:27pm 9/06/14 2:27pm