Being not able to open the engine cover with a single latch is a safety feature, actually. Most mid-engined sports cars with reverse-way opening of the engine cover have this feature incorporated by purpose. This is made to prevent accidental opening of the engine cover while driving the car fast. If both latches on… » 1/27/15 10:11am Tuesday 10:11am

How does the GTAV's world map compare to the one in the original Crackdown? I still find the Crackdown's map to be more intriguing than that of GTAV. Crackdown feels more varied, original, live (pedestrians-wise), not to mention the jumping and climbing stuff that really helps to observe the world in a much better,… » 1/21/15 12:08am 1/21/15 12:08am

I have to agree with what's cited in amakeleven's post above. I myself have a business where the initial years were at loss, because my main goal was to expand my customer base. For any business (especially a start-up one!) the customer satisfaction is a must, so initially I had to do lots of sacrifices such like… » 12/30/14 7:05am 12/30/14 7:05am